Travel All Over The World With Like-minded Travellers

Solo Travel 

if you are looking to visit the world but you don't need to bring a companion along with you then you are the perfect fit for Solo Travel. This growing travel style is very popular with a wide range of people and it shouldn't limit you from all kinds of options. As this segment of the travelling population grows, more options are becoming available to solo travellers. One important item to consider is being solo, but not going it alone.

Ocean Cruising

Cruise lines are starting to offer solo traveller sections (single cabins) on their cruise ships where you can have your own accommodations but a common area so if you feel like it, you can connect with the other solo travellers on the ship. Providing you the option to meet new people and make new friends and to consider activities that meet your common interests. If a single cabin is not available, some cruise lines do charge a single supplement on top of the regular rate for the cabin.

River Cruising

Even if you are a solo traveller, you are going to make friends on a river cruise, its the very nature of seeing the world from the rivers. But not to worry, there is still plenty of quiet places to get away to so you can relax and enjoy some much needed "me-time". An additional rate can sometimes apply to solo travellers, but it depends on the cruise line.

Escorted Coach Tours

it is not uncommon to find solo travellers on a coach tour sitting alone staring out the window enjoying the vistas. Coach Tours are a great avenue with which to absorb the local culture and cuisine as they take you into places you might not experience if you were going it completely alone. Some do have an additional fee that applies to solo travellers and from time to time they offer no additional costs to their solo guests.


If you are truly adventurous and the open road is calling, a self-drive option is a wonderful option for the solo traveller. Go where you want to go when you want to go and at your own pace. Stop and see what interests you most and worry not about having to be on someone else's schedule.

Custom Touring 

This option is perfect for the traveller who likes to do their own thing, but enjoys the security of being escorted. Not a complete guided tour Custom Touring can be components you add as part of your journey or building a tour that is 100% geared towards the sights and spots that are must sees for you.

Solo Group

Sounds a bit funny right? How can it be a Solo Group? Well some tour providers like Just You actually cater to the Solo Traveller by offering you all the benefits of travelling with a group of people keen to experience the same destination but with the comfort of having your own accommodations, your own meals and your own optional activities without having to pay a single supplement on top of the price.

If you are a Solo Traveller and you want to explore your options, reach out and let's work together to make your solo travel dreams your reality.